Entire Package

Would your MC know what to do and know how to keep your guests entertained if the Bridal Party was running late?

Would your MC know what to do if the kitchen roll out was not on schedule?

Would your MC know what to do if there were any last minute changes or emergency alterations needed?

Why risk it?

All of the above comes with experience and we are also able to take care of

 -          All of the duties in working in with and coordinating all the front of house hired staff on the night.
I work in with the co ordinator and the kitchen to run the whole night smoothly
-      I will make contact with your venue coordinator on your behalf regarding evening run sheet.
-      Helpful tips and pointers for writing speeches including the Groom, Best Man, FOB and MOH
-      Sticking around till the very end of your wedding to ensure a structured closing of the event. This includes making sure everyone is aware of a ride home (taxis, shuttle bus etc)
-      Helpful advice on event scheduling
Before all of this though, I’d come and visit you and your partner to discuss everything you’d like to outline to me. This includes every detail that I need to know, so that you don’t have to worry about them at all on the night.
Get in touch NOW!

- Justin Dennis
(Master of Ceremonies)